PRASANG is India’s pioneering wedding designing,planning, management & consultancy firm using a comprehensive approach & professional management information systems to plan and produce a world class event experience each & every time. It opened its doors in 2000 when wedding planning was a thing of the future. With over 10 years of thorough experience & market research plus a highly skilled team of professionals, we have accomplished the highest standards of quality, effectiveness & novelty with due importance to the budgetary considerations.

We are dedicated to save your time, effort & costs, yet give the most tailor-made and heart felt transformational experience. Events of great impact & magnitude demand experience of a great degree. We work with clients to better understand their audience, elevate the entire event experience and build an enduring impact. The dynamics of each wedding are specific hence the proficiency of doing it all makes all the difference.

Prasang has its head office in Ahmedabad with branch offices in Mumbai & New Delhi. Our clientele resides across the world and we operate across innumerous destinations across the country including Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Chennai, Kovalam, Rajasthan, etc and beyond like Macau, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, Dubai, Thailand & USA. We areextremely grateful to our extensiveclient list for bestowing upon us their trust and confidence over all these years.

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Keyur Patel

He was born and brought up in an affluent & influential business family in Gujarat. He holds a commerce degree and has a incredible business acumen and a flair for innovation.. He was in the family’s textile business for 6 years. Beyond which his entrepreneurial instincts led to the formation of Prasang in 2000. He was a pioneer in wedding planning &live entertainment management business in Gujarat which started out of the realization of the huge gap that existed in the field. Over the years KP (as he is dearly called)with his extensive background and experience in Finance, Strategic Planning, Restructuring Operations, International Business Relations, Collaborations and development of new products, has made Prasang a progressive, dependable, fair & quality conscious organization.He is a star in managing multiple projects from concept through completion, with strong working knowledge of experience design. He closely works with internal teams to generate ideas for pitching and proposals and providing quality control over concepts and projects with his ability to make evaluative judgments and to supervise and train employees in organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments with Passion, Integrity, and Energy!

Prasang Team


The team is charged with determining the best ways to visually represent and execute what is planned. It is people-oriented and experienced in working with internal and external clients, pitching designs and understanding client needs. At times, we are required to develop visual designs and execute them, and at other times responsible for recruiting and managing third party design firms as well as internal design resources, based on the wedding destination. Our wedding philosophy is that “it’s not the biggest ideas that have the most impact, but the small, the personal, and the intimate ones.”




Purva Shah Patel

A Fine arts Graduate from CN and Ahmedabad’s celebrated socialite, Purva has been designing weddings with Prasang for more than 6 years. Purva is rightly the heart of the organization, as she is special not just for her creative design sense but also for the personal touch she adds to each wedding. She leads creative sessions for project kick-offs, establishes creative direction for the entire design line & inspires the internal creative team and that of vendor partners. She is involved in development of high-level concepts for design projects with her knowledge of layouts, graphic fundamentals and the ability to storyboard or translate ideas to designers.  She is the one to keep her eye on the little things that matter.